A Tiny And Colorful Literary Journal

Angel Zapata, 12/12/11

Photo by Kierstin Bridger

Three pieces by Angel Zapata

Emerald City

In her dreams, the road’s yellow, not black. She’s sober; hasn’t killed anyone with her car. Afterward, the curtain draws back. That’s life in prison.

Cherries in the Snow

Blood stains the toilet seat. “We’re not pregnant?” I ask, softly. She falls to her knees, wails. Outside, a snowflake melts on a child’s tongue.

Don’t Feed the Hand Models

Fingers flex shadow, become elephant trunk. “Make a dog,” the boy requests. Momma shifts digits—ears, muzzle. Flashlight off, wall animals disappear. “Again,” he says.


Angel Zapata was born in NYC, but now lives near Augusta, Georgia. Some of his fiction and poetry has appeared in The Boston Literary Review, Long Live the New Flesh, The Best of Every Day Poets, and The Flash Fiction Offensive. He is author of the Trestle Press short story horror series, The Man of Shadows. He also edits 5×5 Fiction: 25-word stories told in 5 sentences of 5 words each. Visit http://arageofangel.blogspot.com and http://5x5Fiction.blogspot.com


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