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January, 2023

Rogue Noir by Tyler D. Zaremba 

A friend and classmate, late to a party.

That night, a concrete truck, a hospital. 

The next day: an empty chair forever next to me.

Tyler works as a misanthropic attorney and lives in central Texas with his spouse. He despises bios and refuses to write anymore about himself. 

Fade to Black by Debbie Feit

Proofread the headstone today. Everything was spelled correctly. Line spacing was even. Font usage consistent. Only error found—that it was you in the ground.

Debbie Feit is an accidental mental health advocate, unrelenting Jewish mother and author of The Parent’s Guide to Speech and Language Problems (McGraw-Hill) in addition to numerous texts to her children that often go unanswered. Her work has appeared in The New York TimesKvellerSheKnowsInsider, The Aurora Journal, Emerge Literary Journal and Words & Whispers, as well as on her mother’s bulletin board, with forthcoming pieces in Passengers Journal and Five Minutes. She is at work on a novel whose completion she some days fears may also be fictitious. You can read about her thoughts on mental health issues, her life as a writer and her husband’s inability to see crumbs on the kitchen counter on Instagram @debbiefeit or at debbiefeit.com.

Two pieces by Stephanie Mordi

Stay the Night

I hook my leg around her arm. She turns to me, and I smile. I gesture at an unfinished bag of chips. She smiles back.

I’m Not Really a Waitress by Stephanie Mordi

I tie an apron around my waist, black skirt barely grazing my upper thighs, white shirt tight against my breasts. I did come to serve.

Stephanie Mordi is a proud, not so proud Nigerian. She writes as a hobby but hopes to make a career out of it someday. She enjoys eating, reading and sleeping the most—emphasis on the eating. She is yet to publish any works, but has a large and private collection of short stories and poetry

Two pieces by Tricia Lloyd Waller

Golden Hour in Green Park by Tricia Lloyd Waller

In pouring rain the last fairy crouches beneath the willow munching pickled gherkins from a plastic pot wondering who pulled the plug on golden hour?

The Mermaid’s Fin

The child gently places the Mermaid fin between the Fairy wing and the Unicorn horn stands and wipes the knife clean on her gingham dress.

Tricia Lloyd Waller has always loved telling stories since she first learnt to speak. She recently won the prestigious Pen to Print poetry competition and has had work published in Margate Bookie, World of Myth and The Poet.


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