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January, 2017

Five pieces by Krystyna Fedosejevs
Plum Wine

Cherries, apples and pears harvested. Eaten fresh or turned into jam. On windowsills, plums ferment in jars. Later, appreciated with you, my love, over candlelight.

Ski Slope Sweetie

We met on a chairlift. Skied beginner runs together; admitted angst in trying intermediate. Under sunshine’s sparkle we fell in love. Switched to skiing cross-country.

Snow Angel

“No such thing as angels,” Dad blurted. We went outside. I stretched my arms out and landed in the snow backwards. “Look, I’m an angel.”

Parka Perfect

Our walking trail enters a forest. Frost coats pines. Chickadees chirp. Distant deer stand still watching us move. Snowflakes twirl. Bulky jackets keep us warm.

Merry Berry

Uncle pours sparkling raspberry punch into glasses. Auntie stirs strawberry sauce for ice cream sundaes. Magpies peck cranberries strung outdoors. I decorate home with holly.


Krystyna Fedosejevs writes poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Her work has been published online and in a number of magazines, including:  Nailpolish Stories, 100 word story, 101 Words, Boston Literary Magazine, From the Depths, SixWordMemoirs, and Espresso Stories.


Three pieces by Linda Imbler


Blackest Fears

I’m hearing echoing footfalls,

Experiencing fear laced fantasy.

I stop, turn, and realize there’s no one to see,

Only my empty dreams are following me.



Green Be My Body

Upon my death, bury me without the box.

Absorbed by worms in lilac gardens,

Will worms then travel to other gardens?

Leave my traces there?



The Golden Age of Information


To find answers to every question posed to you,

The world should then make sense.

Yet should this happen, all facts will be born anew.


Linda Imbler is the author of the chapbook “Lost and Found.”  She is most recently the author of “New Lives” forthcoming in Ascent Aspirations: Friday’s Poems. Other poems were published by deadsnakes.blogspot.combehappyzone.combluepepper.blogspot.combuckoffmag.com,  Broad River Review Literary Magazine, Fine Flu Journal, Blognostics,  and  Bunbury Magazine .

Three short stories have been published at Fear of Monkeys and Danse Macabre. This writer, yoga practitioner, and classical guitar player resides in Wichita, Kansas.


Trophy Wife by Rosemary Jane


They said I was only arm candy. But fifteen years after the accident, still he carries me from bed to chair, my carer, my love.


Rosemary Jane is a fledgling invalid and writer. Her daemon is a green-eyed black cat.




Two pieces by E.J. Hagadorn


High Class Affair

His wife knew he was in disguise, and he her, but neither said anything.  The false strangers continued betraying each other, driving the passion high.


Naughty Nautical

I roll up my sleeve and reach beneath the waves.  Scars open, and the mermaid drinks her full moon tribute.  Love is a funny thing.


E.J. Hagadorn’s published works can be found at www.ejhagadorn.com


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