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October, 2015

Three pieces by Barry Basden

Wild Blue Yonder

Through thin cold air, Luftwaffe fighters rise to meet you. “Stay alert,” you tell the crew, and give control of the B-17 to the bombardier.

Running with the In-finite Crowd

He rolls over, dives after the bogey, fires long bursts, screaming, “I got him!” They crash almost together: fireballs and smoke, enemy and new ace.

Endurance Race to the Finish

The Messerschmitt makes pass after pass at my wounded plane. But at the channel, the German pilot salutes and peels away. Rudderless, I struggle home.

Barry Basden is coauthor of Crack! and Thump: With a Combat Infantry Officer in World War II. His shorter work has been published widely, both online and in print. His latest flash collection is Wince.

Tudor City Teal by Damar Stone

Annoyingly poofy teal dress. Matching hair streaks.
I hadn’t broken Mother’s royal rules exactly.
She taught me to make an entrance unforgettable.
So, I did.

Damar Stone, believer that all stories connect.

Night and Fog by Sab Holzman
grandpa goes into
the living room
he talks about growing up
in nazi germany
i don’t listen
his furrowed hands move
like shutting doors

Sab Holzman is a creative writing student who enjoys magical realism and Seamus Heaney.

Two pieces by Tyrean Martinson
Seared Bronze
With pointed sticks, they roasted their marshmallows over a fire kindled by her stolen journals. She held the sharpening knife until it seared her skin.

Pyro Pink
When the pink-haired lady at the fireworks stand offered real adventures, Sam didn’t expect the dragon on his doorstep. Thankfully, he owned a fire extinguisher.

Tyrean Martinson, every day writer, likes tea and tales. Find her online at http://tyreanswritingspot.blogspot.com/

Five pieces by Cameron Filas

Fifth Avenue
I control fifth to the bridge. Everyone knows that. Except sometimes people forget. So I remind ‘em. Ask Slim Jim why he’s in a wheelchair.

First Timer
The couch was more comfortable than she’d imagined. She sat naked, nervous. The video camera stared at her. He approached. Easy money; for baby food.

Sandy Beach
We ran down the steps to the sand. There were shells, smooth rocks, and beach glass to be found; and maybe my first kiss, too.

Fierce, No Fear
“Attack!” He shouted. “Kill!” We replied, as we thrusted our bayonets into the tires; faux enemy that would not thrust back. We were brave warriors.

Devil’s Advocate
Lucifer sat cross armed in his seat as I pleaded with the angelic jury. “What crime has he actually committed? He didn’t eat the fruit.”

Cameron Filas loves the challenge of crafting a micro-fiction piece. You can find his other publications at http://www.cameronfilas.wordpress.com.

Mind Your Mittens by Anne Anthony
Sally shoved her mitten-covered hands deep into her coat’s pockets concealing the damp chocolate ice cream stains from the ladies at her diet support meeting.

Anne Anthony escaped New England’s dreadful winters when her family’s moved to North Carolina where she writes full time. When she’s not writing, she enjoys the company of her encouraging husband, her daughters, her mother, assorted siblings and her faithful English Springer companion, Luke, a merciless critic of her work who only pretends to sleep all the live long day.

Two pieces by JY Saville

A bruise the colour of thunderclouds blooms on her leg, the tears fall like rain. I thought it was your favourite colour, her mum said.

Show Off
Natalie wore her new red swimsuit, shaved her legs with mum’s razor. Tom dived in the pool fully dressed and stole the limelight as usual.

JY Saville writes whenever she isn’t reading, and spends more time than is healthy blogging at http://thousandmonkeys.wordpress.com

Dream On by Shermie Rayne

Dust dances above the corn tassels. Breathless: I wait. Brakes squeak, rusty metal opens. Grinning, mailman Bob slides a thick envelope into my box. Breathe!

Shermie Rayne likes to use written words to ponder, push against, or relish in this journey of life. She’s finding that micro/flash fiction is an excellent medium to do just that. http://shermierayne.wordpress.com/

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