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April, 2018

Midnight by Charles Rafferty


Two of Luke’s friends peeked in through a back window. They began clapping. A minute later, Mandy hurried to the car, her shirt buttons misaligned.


Charles Rafferty‘s new book of prose poems is The Smoke of Horses (BOA Editions).



Over the Edge by Steven Jakobi


The sniper is good at his job. They trust him, need him. That is his special kind of hell. His conscience is driving him insane.



Steven Jakobi is a retired biology professor. He and his wife live in rural Allegany County, New York with three dogs, two cats and a mess of chickens.




Two pieces by Stella Samuel


After Midnight


Moon rays lit long hair

as her breath paused.

One teardrop on soft skin.

She said,

“How many minutes ‘til you pass through me again?”


Italian Love Affair


By the ocean side, it sat.

In a wave lost on its break.

The missing piece

to a night she’ll never forget.

One high heel.


Stella Samuel is an author and editor writing women’s fiction, LGBT fiction, and children’s literature. She lives in Arizona, just about a mile south of the sun where her winter weather Saint Bernards soak up rays at her feet while she writes poolside.


Coalmates by Rachel Doherty

Entombed together

The last two men standing

Sharing one last swig in our inky grave

As we toast our lost brothers . . . and that annoying canary


Rachel Doherty works for a telecom giant by day and is a giant in her own right by night (a.k.a. a working mom who enjoys being creative in her spare time).  She graduated with a BA in Communications from Fordham University and an MA in Media Ecology from NYU.  She has been published in the 100 Voices anthology, the blog The Drabble, and the journal Yellow Mama.  Her own blog can be found at http://www.writestuffny.wordpress.com




Black Onyx by MM Wittle


Hidden in her classroom, her ring absorbed the remaining light because this lock down was not a drill. Proving her mother’s onyx ring myth wrong.



MM Wittle is a Senior Lead Educator by day, an adjunct professor at night, and a writer on alternating weekends. Feel free to follow her on Facebook at http://www.facebook/MMWittle. 

Some day, she will remember her twitter password, and you can follow her there as well.


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