A Tiny And Colorful Literary Journal

Kierstin Bridger, 12/5/11

Photo by Kierstin Bridger


Tyin’ The Knot by Kierstin Bridger

Blinded by love, sure.  She felt the rope’s grip slacken,
heard the hardwood crack.
They both fell even harder when their
tree swing gave way.


Kierstin Bridger lives a renaissance life in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, designing, writing, reading and planning the next great adventure.  Her published works include Condomnation in the 2011 issue of the Porter Gulch Review, the one act play  in The University of Washington’s literary publication Bricolage.  Her short story Girl’s Room, was printed in UW Women’s Voices.  Her flash fiction piece will appear Spring 2012 in Stripped: A Collection of Anonymous Flash Fiction from PS Books.   She is the 2011 winner of the Mark Fischer Poetry Prize.

Comments on: "Kierstin Bridger, 12/5/11" (1)

  1. Great poem … ouch. What four lines can do …

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