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July, 2017

Precious Pink by Dave Harper

He waited, breath ragged, unblinking eyes, moaning. Sticky, pink froth bubbled from a chest wound.

Pistol cocked, Sanchez, always humane, administered the coup de grâce.

Dave’s hobbies are writing and watching paint dry. He’s uncertain which is more frustrating.



Nirvana by Arlene Antoinette

I curl my body around your lascivious words. Each
taking root in my womb like a growing infant,
waiting to be released by your kiss.


Arlene Antoinette is a novice writer who enjoys trying her hand at poetry and flash fiction. More of her work may be found at 50 Word Stories and Postcard Shorts.



Two pieces by Elizabeth Konkel

Fairytale Ivory

Hooves over sand, the gallant knight races toward a looming tower ahead. Armor and a sword is no match for a dragon’s breath of fire.

Cotton Candy

Chocolate shutters and licorice for tile. The gum drop hearth never melt from the fire. Cotton candy roof. A house of sweets beckons you close.


Elizabeth Konkel grew up on a farm, finding inspiration there for her writing and photography. She has written articles for Crixeo, Blasting News, and Am Reading. She’s inspired by myths, fairytales, and legends, weaving these tales into her writing.


Seven pieces by Len Kuntz

In Stitches

Her breasts lay in the trash somewhere.  He didn’t care.  It was her heart he wanted.  To prove it, he kissed each stitch with tenderness.

Skirting the Issue

The scratch marks resembled a polygraph test and she smelled of her lover again.  In bed she yawned, said, “Love you,” nodding off at once.

Play Date

After the divorce, their sex is better than ever.  The bedroom rumbles.  His Ex showers quickly, says, “I’m so glad we’re not in love anymore.”

Off the Wall

She said, “It’s me, not you.  Besides, we were too young.”  The last photograph you burn is a honeymoon shot, bride and groom on fire.

With the Band

They call her Penny Lane, take turns.  One throws up on a guitar, another breaks a snare.  She’s meat but she’s also their biggest fan.


His dad is The Strong Man, shocking spectators with his might, having bills tossed his way.  At home, he sharpens his knuckles on each kid.

Sure Shot

The house sits empty now, so he fondles the pistol the way he once did his Ex, the searing bullet hot as her last kiss.

Len Kuntz is a writer from Washington State and an editor at the online magazine Literary Orphans.  His latest story collection AT THE DEEP END is forthcoming from Ravenna Press in June of 2018.  You can also find him at lenkuntz.blogspot.com





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