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Mysore Passion by Rebecca Gaffron

She came for the experience; and rippled European yoga men aroused by her strong asanas. But she always carried hand-sanitizer. The locals might be contagious.

Rebecca is a sometimes writer, sometimes procrastinator and hopes she will be forgiven for both.  She can be found at: www.rebeccawriting.wordpress.com


Midnight Blue by Christina Murphy

Knowing how to behave gets you a yacht, the Cinderella, floating in the bay at midnight as you await the woman you plan to seduce. 

Christina Murphy lives and writes along the Ohio River. There is much about a major river to suggest words, currents, and images–many of which, in some form or other, find their way into her poetry.

Three pieces by Carly Berg

Turquoise and Caicos

A winter Minnesota tract house. Muumuus and bangles, mango walls, big plants. Jambalaya, no clock. Barefoot blues by the fireplace. Her husband was a macaw.

Swept Off My Feet

The Prince tried the slipper on all the women’s feet. He wouldn’t stop. Cinderella cried. Disney Security intervened. The guard said they’re all like that.


A cupcake lady, ruffles and ribbons. Hanging out the wash on a crisp April morning. When she bends, the neighbor man sees sweet blush cheeks.

Carly Berg is an editor, writer, and flop-about. Her work has appeared in Pank Magazine, Dog plot, Front Porch Review, and others. Nail polish makes her happy.


Riding Hood Red by Karen Walsh

What big eyes! Pale and cold, like blue ice. He paws my cape, nails sharp as thorns. I should flee, but I don’t. I surrender.

Karen Walsh is a psychologist and university instructor in St. Louis, Missouri. She has been writing fiction for fun but no profit for many, many years.


Hackney Spackle by Lisa Nielsen

he has my penchant for sarcasm

splaying it out before you like an enchanted gift

but a pantomime of devotion is all he’s actually offering

Lisa Nielsen is a single mother trying to balance the mundane with the groovy.


Atomic Orange by Katherine Lopez

The sky splashes bright orange over the sea. You wish it were cold, a smoothie. Instead it’s hot as the air, tainting fish, ships, beach.

Katherine Lopez writes stories, poems, essays, articles, blog entries, letters, notes, and doodles. Some of which are published.


Limited Addiction by Edie Montgomery

The nightmares of her past haunted her, even in daylight. Made her crave the poison. Each day it saved her. Each day it killed her.

Edie Montgomery has bungee jumped in Australia, swam with a shark in Tahiti, and slept in a haunted castle in Scotland.  Now she just likes to stay home and write little stories.  You can find her on twitter at @MeWriteWords.


Two pieces by Nicole Monaghan


He thought it was an Italian dessert, and I said no, it’s how I reach your lips.  We kissed again.  He said short was cute.

Taffy Town

He said everything was sticky here. The diners, the dance clubs, the situations. He wiped his hands on his jeans, said get used to it.

Nicole Monaghan founded and edits Nailpolish Stories.  Every once in a while, she publishes her own stuff here.  Because she loves to write.  And loves NS.


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