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Beam Me Up Hottie by Ami Allen-Vath

Scrolling pay per view, tipped rocking horse, toy tornado, baby’s 90-ish minute nap–fiercely ticking away–she forgoes housework and a shower for Magic Mike.

Ami Allen-Vath is on a fresh chapter of self-discovery.  This summer she quit her sales job to stay home with her two children, pursue her passions, and maybe cook dinner once or twice a week for her supportive husband.  She is currently writing a YA novel with aspirations of finishing it in the summer of 2013.


Three pieces by Shawn Murtagh

Potato Fields

Two overalls filled with boy and girl dash through potato fields; he crashes, she raises him, he rests on one knee, and will again someday.

Blushing Bride

He blushes her. She cannot hide from him. Floating with father, she’s vulnerable and afraid. He will touch her heart and body with mortal hands.

Mob Square

Tien`amin tanks roll, and the mob disintegrates. Bullets are flying fascists when people are peaceful. Fire in the dark laughs louder than the people cry.

Shawn Murtagh’s wife can give herself a professional French tip, and it saves him 50 bucks a month. His vision-blog for an E-Zine that will captivate, motivate, and challenge the youth of the world can be found at http://catalystlit.blogspot.com/



Two pieces by Laura Stearns


I found a can of tuna and some carrots for lunch today.  Note left on counter: please help dad get groceries and toilet paper tonite.

Step Right Up

He was so nice, I fell in love again.  “This time it’s for real!!” I told my girls.  They just smiled while shaking their heads.

Laura and her best friend are both writers.  Her friend found this awesome nail polish stories website. Love. One of her stories got picked for December!  She was like, “Oh yea bitch? Getting published before me!? Bring it!”

The One For Me by Luke Armstrong

This Bud’s for you, she said, grabbing my last PBR and toasting me like a maniac. It was not for me. And neither is she.

Luke Maguire Armstrong (LukeSpartacus.com) once fought a bear and almost died. Haters later claimed it was “only a raccoon” and that he was acting like “a little girl.” @LukeSpartacus

Victoriana by Gemma Bristow

‘Someone died on that,’ was your comment when we bought it. A relic of a rotten empire. You only want it now because I do.

Gemma Bristow is a technical writer who tries not to think of software interfaces all the time.  She wrote a thesis on imagism and has published poems in various magazines.

Street Smart  

The neon sign is as hot and pink as a summer night whose heat keeps people seated, sedate. I feel sorry for the girls inside.

Jocelyn Crawley is a 28-year-old college student currently pursuing a Masters of Divinity degree. Her work has appeared in Jerry Jazz Musician and is forthcoming in Faces of Feminism, Calliope, and Visceral Uterus. She enjoys using the written word to challenge patriarchal paradigms.



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