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Gay Degani, Robert Vaughan, Ashley Inguanta, 9/13/11


MonSooner or Later, Five Pieces by Gay Degani
Moon Over Mumbai
A stranger comes to you in dreams so you dress in white and go to the Chor Bazaar. He lingers beside you, calls you luminescent.
Keys to My Karma
His hand rests lightly on your hip and you forget your name, not his. You brush his cheekbone where a gnat tickles his skin. Jealous?
Curry Up Don’t be Late
The tiny train chugs through the forest to Matheran where your lover waits in suspended heat. You feast on toes and fingers and everything between.
Charmed by a Snake
As pythons go, you can keep them in your cave of silky sheets. Wrap them in your jungle steam, but best to heed their susurrations.
Black Cherry Chutney
You sauté black cherries in sesame oil, consider your mortar and pestle for the pits. Stirred in, a fatal sauce for his bread and cheddar.
Gay Degani has published in journals and anthologies including three The Best of Every Day Fiction editions and her own collection, Pomegranate Stories. Nominated for a Pushcart, she has been a finalist or short listed at Glimmer Train and The Fish Anthology and won a first place at Women on Writing’s Quarterly Flash Fiction contest. She edits EDF’s Flash Fiction Chronicles and blogs at Words in Place where a list of her online fiction can be found.

Three pieces by Robert Vaughan

So Many Clowns So Little Time  
She clasps raw empty hands. They dangle with fear-filled anticipation as hunger gnaws in the pit of her ignored stomach: forgotten meals, endless licking things.
Laguna Love  
The day we bought our farm with the river running through the back edge of our property, we were doomed. Neither of us could swim.
Give Me Moor
Staring at dead fish washed ashore
his hands crossed behind his back
wanting to touch, hear his own heart
beat in the grave, 
the sand.

Robert Vaughan’s plays have been produced in N.Y.C., L.A., S.F., and Milwaukee where he resides. He leads two writing roundtables for Redbird- Redoak Studio. His prose and poetry is published in over 150 literary journals such as Elimae, Metazen and BlazeVOX. He has short stories anthologized in Nouns of Assemblage from Housefire, and Stripped from P.S. Books. He is a fiction editor at JMWW magazine, and Thunderclap! Press. He co-hosts Flash Fiction Fridays for WUWM’s Lake Effect.  His blog: http://rgv7735.wordpress.com.
Dating a Royal by Ashley Inguanta
The day Henry takes me swimming in the Salton Sea is the day he tells me he’s the reincarnation of someone important. I believe him.


Ashley Inguanta is a writer from Orlando, Florida, and is currently living as a nomad in the West.  Keep up to date with her publications and travels here:ashleyinguanta.wordpress.com.


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