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Gary Percesepe, 9/8/11


Five Pieces by Gary Percesepe

Tomboy No More

He grabbed one bare foot below her skinny jeans.  It felt like a small steel cable, an eel arching its back, finning through a cove.

East Hampton Cottage  
Professor of desire, listen! Let me fold you into my arms, feed ten toes to your famished mouth, wear your gaze like a cashmere coat.
Topless and Barefoot

Your milk teeth say no, but I cannot remember a time we didn’t imagine that dress, hung in Kant’s closet, a critique of judgment.  You.
Wife Goes On 
In Amagansett, the wooden houses sag.  Her sunburned children walk the creaking floor.  She rests her feet on the blue sofa.  The ocean spills light.
Red-y Set Ex
They married on the 4th of July.  The wide lawn was set with white chairs.  Alone at her vanity, she stripped polish from reddened nails.

A New Yorker living in exile in Ohio, Gary Percesepe just completed a novel titled LEAVING TELLURIDE, set in Telluride, Colorado. The novel features a goth girl named Anna, whose blonde roots keep showing above her Chrissie Hynde bangs. For more on the Tomboy No More girl you can go to NYC, or here: http://www.foundlingreview.com/May2011Issue1Percesepe.html    Or, well, OK, here:    http://wigleaf.com/201005bg.htm

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