A Tiny And Colorful Literary Journal

January, 2019

Afterglow by Barry Basden

At dusk, I stare seaward,
trying hard to picture just
what it was she saw
during those final days,
when she could no longer read.

Barry Basden lives with his wife and an old yellow Lab in the Texas
hill country. He has never had a manicure.


Two pieces by Megan Corkery
Rose at Dawn . . . Broke by Noon

She wipes at her runny, chapped nose and rises from bed.

White lines decorate the dresser.

Her dealer arrives with the sun.

Her wallet empties.


So Many Clowns . . . So Little Time

Round red noses and vivid rainbow wigs battle ticking clocks and endless responsibilities.

“I wanna come back tomorrow!” the child whines.

She sighs, and thinks…

Megan Corkery is a junior at Widener University who loves writing short fiction pieces and has a great love for mac and cheese. If she could, she would adopt every dog in the world and be completely content with her life.  


Hazy Daze by Nicole Gray
The chilled bottle

crouched between


It warmed

So did I

both sat

the night

on the kitchen floor

now damp

and us



Nicole Gray is a current Junior at Widener University. Her writing is infused with blunt and sharp imagery that forces you to wrestle with it. She hopes to continue writing even as she attends law school and pursue’s a career in that field.




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