A Tiny And Colorful Literary Journal

Best of 2013

“Best Of” pieces were chosen for their unique language, breadth of story in so few words, emotional impact, and the complex and original relationship of the titles to their stories. Up to two stories was selected from each issue of 2013. Since NS transitioned from a monthly to a quarterly, there were two monthly issues (January and February) and three quarterly issues (April, July, and October). Congratulations to all the contributors!

From January

China Doll by Madeline Mora-Summonte

The plane flamed, then crashed into the lake. Divers discover a singed china doll still strapped in a seat. It’s the only body they recover.

Madeline Mora-Summonte reads, writes and breathes fiction in all its forms. She is the author of The People We Used to Be: A Flash Fiction Collection.

Art is Hard by Chelsea Covington Maass

But collectors know rough bark beauty leads to sweet center sap:
Bore deep hole.
Fit spout tight.
Collect amber essence of ancient living creature.

Chelsea Covington Maass is a fiction writer based in Philadelphia, where she is working on her thesis for the MFA in Creative Writing at Rosemont College. Her work has been published at HOOT. You can follow her on Twitter @chelseasfiction

From February

Sun worshiper by Lisa Nielson

The ocean is all teeth today–devouring the sand, but enraged by its compliance. Suppler days are dreamy, but we have monsters to tame.

Lisa Nielsen is studiously working on her resolution to write more and clean less.

Rock Candy by Zoe Danielle

It reminded me of her; all violent edges but translucent in a way that let me see right through. One bite and I tasted blood.


From April

Not You by Tori Bond
I can knit glittery skyscrapers, bake fresh new worlds, heal wounds with a tender touch, but the alchemy of my words can’t make you stay.

Tori Bond is an MFA candidate in the Creative Writing program at Rosemont College. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Extraordinary Gifts by PS Books, Flash Fiction Funny Anthology, Monkey Bicycle, Every Day Fiction, Bicycle Review, and others.

From July

Two pieces by Amanda Nicole Corbin

Lonesome Dove

From a distance, you see love: two birds flirting with the sky. But as you approach, one has field-fallen. The other was only a wing.

Black Star

There, but only in theory. Astronauts map the way I chart our conversations; with loosened pants, or Orion’s belt . . . Why can’t we find his darkened heart?

Amanda Nicole Corbin has had her short fiction published in journals such as Thrice Fiction, Superstition Review, Thin Air, The Vehicle, decomP, & others. She is happiest with snow out her window & coffee in her hand. She currently lives in Salt Lake City, but is en route to Columbus.

From October’s Quarterly

Sunset by Krystyna Fedosejevs

Navigating the sidewalks in Mumbai, we search for the western sky.
Shantytown along shoreline halts our tracks.
The setting sun will not wait for us.

Krystyna was a former librarian; now writing and publishing poetry, flash fiction and short stories. She won several poetry contests; 1 of 4 runners-up in a flash fiction competition. Krystyna lives in Edmonton, Canada; loves to travel the world and share her experiences through writing.

Grape Expectations by Beverley C. Lucey

Tomatoes climb fences on Martin Terrace.
Four grape arbors droop on Maple.
Plum trees hang in McDougal’s yard.
Squash blossoms.
On my street . . . nothing grows.

Beverly C. Lucey’s extensive fiction presence online includes ezines: Zoetrope All Story Extra, Vestal Review, Absinthe Revival, and Feathered Flounder. She was the winner of the Fiction Contest for Estonian Public Broadcasting (2013) Print anthology: Friend. Follow. Text. #storiesFromLivingOnline (fall 2013 release) “Voice Mail for the Living” will appear in the anthology Up, Do Flash Fiction by Women Writers, (spring 2014 release).


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