A Tiny And Colorful Literary Journal

Hi Nailpolish Stories readers and contributors. 

NS’s schedule has grown from a tiny thing to bigger tiny thing.  The original schedule nearly a year and half ago was weekly–every Monday new work was posted.  Later, it changed to a monthly publication.  Now, NS will be a quarterly.  Due to both the number of submissions NS receives and my desire to not rush the selection and editorial process, I feel this will benefit the publication, its readers, and its contributors. 

NS will now be published four times a year:

Winter Issue in January

Spring Issue in April

Summer Issue in July

Fall Issue in October

All issues will be posted the first Monday of the month.  Submissions will still be read year-round on a rolling basis and responded to between four and six weeks, and often much sooner.  If two months pass and you do not hear from me, please do send a note, and I will be sure to get to it.  

Please visit on the first Monday of April, which happens to be the 1st, for our first Quarterly Issue.  No fooling.   

Submitters, I look forward to reading your vibrant little splashes.  Readers, thank you, as always, for stopping by.

All Best,

Nicole Monaghan

Founding and Managing Editor, NS

Comments on: "Nailpolish Stories Becomes a Quarterly." (2)

  1. Jerry Vilhotti said:

    I was wondering if you accept or reject these various art forms: short-short stories, storellas, literary pre`cis, “tonepoems”, via E-mail? Most of these works are a hundred words or less. Some of my latest works are: “Docta Freud’s House Calls”, “Kamikaze Shooterdowner” , “Falling Way Way Out of Olivia”, “Kafka’s Tomb”, “Mind Wipe”,”Drinking in Whispers”, “Olivia’s Fiery Words”, “A Poor Man’s Havaad”, “Tina of the Troy”, “Tommy Tom Tom’s Outer Space Journeys”,”Where the Facawee?”, “Sports Wars between the Jinx Gods and Greek Gods”, “A Hundred-one eyed Dog”, “Hyphenated All Americans”, “Once a Time Ago on Old Arthur Avenue”, “Oedipus of the Knowing”, “What the World Needs Now Is a Cure”, “The Man Who Visited the California Settlement in NB”,”Specs in the Eyes of Seeing”, “Why We Hate the French Like Ourselves”, “The Whistling Man’s long Dark Journey into Nights and the Great Lakes!”, “Hyphenated Americans”, “If I Say it Second and You First – I Win – Ginky said!”, “Tips from The Machiavelli”, “Green Ship Coming In?”,”What Did Pension Mean Anyway? “Dying of Hunger”, “So You Want Safety Nets like the Queen said: – Eat Merd!”, “When Autumn Leaves”, “Under the Marmalade Trees”, “Why Do Mortals Look Both Ways When Crossing A Street If They Believe In Predestination?”,”Don’t Eat Children of God”,”Spinning about Waters”,”Constitution Nazi Style”, “Bill of Rights Who”, “Hey, Can I Bribe in the Name of Free Speech”,”Hey We Don’t Torture!”, Leny One N Learns Lilith”, “Fist of Stone”, “The Secret People”,”Hitler’s Mustache in Your Soup”, “When We Grunt Twelve Times Call PETA”,”The Last American-Black”,”An Old Born Baby”, “When the Fan Hit the”, “The Smirking Village Idiot Comes Home to Oedipus”,”Thirty After Noon”, “Once Catholicism Meant Liberal”,”Just a Mean Mean No Hearted People”, “When The Bronx Became Brooklyn”, “The Boy Who Gave Birth to the Man”, “You Funnen at My Intelligent Design Body?”, “The Fourth World Order: Global Gobbling”, “Seeing the Divided States of America from a German-Italic- French Woman’s Eyes”,”Leny One N’s Prison Stays” and “Rachele Elaina’s Works” …. I also have a collection of my first short stories published in literary magazines. The modest price is ten dollars; shipping and handling is included in the price.Thank you for your time and kind attention. vilhotti@peoplepc.com

  2. Jerry, NS only publishes stories that are exactly twenty-five words and take their titles from nail polish names.

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