A Tiny And Colorful Literary Journal

Mark Rosenblum, 11/14/11

Two pieces by Mark Rosenblum


Rock Star Skinny

Everywhere he played, she was there.  Front row.   Devout fan, he thought.  But there was more.  Someday she would tell him he was her father.

Rock Candy

He studied hard, scholarships–future of his choice.  Graduated, stressed his way up the corporate ladder.  The money up his nose, bleeding that never stopped.

Mark Rosenblum–a New York native who now lives in Southern California–misses the taste of real pizza and good deli food. His work has been featured in Tiferet, Boston Literary Magazine, Everyday Fiction, Eclectic Flash, Pure Slush, Flashes in the Dark, Six Sentences, Nanoism and PicFic.  He has work upcoming in Sleet Magazine, Yellow Mama and Six Minute Magazine.  He also appears in these anthologies: It All Changed in an Instant, Thinking Ten—A Writer’s Playground, The Best of Eclectic Flash 2010 and the upcoming Pure Slush Volume I and Daily Flash 2012


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