A Tiny And Colorful Literary Journal


Two Pieces by William Henderson

Rising Star

Left of the Dippers. Not there yesterday, or there yesterday, but mostly invisible. That light is what I think about when I think about you.

Bare It In Trafalgar Square

Thousands of pigeons. Men with black umbrellas. Tourists with maps and cameras. Me in a trench coat, and then me not in a trench coat.

William Henderson lives in Boston where he is often tooling around with his children, Avery and Aurora; musing about love and writing and parenting on his blog (hendersonhouseofcards.wordpress.com); tweeting (@avesdad); practicing yoga; and waiting for his ever-after ending.  He has published nonfiction in The Rumpus, The Fix, Annalemma Magazine, Sea Giraffe, Zouch Magazine, Specter Literary Magazine, Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Charm, Revolution House, and Xenith, among others. Also, NAP Literary Magazine will publish Henderson’s first chapbook in January 2012.  You can reach Henderson at wil329@yahoo.com


Two pieces by Nicole Monaghan

Onyx Rush

No lampposts for blocks.  Click-click, neck hairs knowing danger follows in a baseball cap.  I hurl heels into the lightless night, dash toward anything else.

Sunset Prism 

They say survival instinct.  They say adrenaline.  They say flashes of life in stills.  No, just memories of color, of impossible beauty on ordinary evenings.

Nicole Monaghan is an editor and an award-winning writer.  She’s been published in numerous online journals and in print anthologies.  Find out more about her here: http://writenic.wordpress.com/about/  Links to her online work are here:  http://writenic.wordpress.com/my-publications-writing-prizes/

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