A Tiny And Colorful Literary Journal



Two Pieces by Simon Jacobs

Pretty Edgy

12-gauge to 8-gauge, with her mother’s knitting needles. When she finished, she left them hanging from her ears like great flopping chopsticks, at a loss.

Russian Roulette

He hovered for at least ten minutes over the icon next to her name before he clicked “+1 Add Friend.” Unduly stressful, this reaching out. 

Simon Jacobs is a restless young writer from Ohio.  He is the editor of the Safety Pin Review, a new medium for fiction under 30 words, and sporadically blogs at emoboysandgirls.tumblr.com.


Two Pieces by Ashley Nissler


He leaves.  Life’s less solid.  Unsettled by their waterbed’s buoyancy, she stuffs bags with blankets and textbooks to recreate his mass. But the density’s off.

Russian Roulette

The sisters attack others over smudged hopscotch lines, yelling incomprehensible dialect.  Their father mutters partisan monologues.  The mother squats in a closet, painted vernal green.

Living with children means Ashley Nissler rarely gets to think uninterrupted thoughts longer than 25 words.  So she writes in bursts.  Her work has most recently appeared at Vestal Review and in The Mom Egg

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