A Tiny And Colorful Literary Journal



Time for Wine by Marc Schuster

The envelope arrived a little past three, but the bottle had been calling since long before noon. Whatever the news, it would have to wait.

Marc Schuster is the author of The Singular Exploits of Wonder Mom and Party Girl.  He’d really, really, really love it if you’d read his book.


Three pieces by Gill Hoffs

Ruffled Bottoms  

Now it’s our bums that are ruffled, not our undergarments.  I miss the frills and thrills of a pert little arse–and so does he.
Frost At All Cost 

Hand twitching, catalogue noticed, overdraft reddening, chest thumping–but I have to have it.  Hammer knocks, “sold!”, and his first draft is mine.  Darling Robert!
Diva On The Dunes  

Windbreak just so, straplines avoided, sunglasses too big, flashes for photos.  She sneers for the camera; the sand doesn’t care.  Itch, itch, in her crack.

Gill Hoffs lives in Warrington, England, though her mind wanders all over the place.  She doesn’t paint her nails, but she doesn’t chew them either, so let’s forgive her her scruffiness.  Her work has been or will be published in a variety of print anthologies, magazines, and online – including the upcoming Stripped.  Check out her new website at http://gillhoffs.wordpress.com


Four pieces by Brenda Bishop Blakey
Thrill Crème
Hitching home, she hopped in his car.  He hit the auto locks and turned down a dirt road. She feared home was not an option.



When the date started, her iridescent fingernails matched her dress.  Later she wore a jail jumpsuit, her ten chipped ovals reflected light like gibbous moons.


Sunrise, Sunset

By sunlight, she realized that the arm draped across her chest really did belong to her old college algebra professor.  He had flunked her, too.


I’m Not Really a Waitress

I’m Mata Hari, Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, The Virgin Mary, Mother Teresa, a vestal priestess, a mother, a wife, a daughter, and a little girl.


Brenda Bishop Blakey writes poetry and fiction. Her work appears or is forthcoming in Red Ochre Lit, With Painted Words, The Corner Club Press, 50 to 1, Schrodinger’s Mouse, and Every Day Poets. brendabishopblakey.wordpress.com



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